Borbon Marta Rubi


Bean Profile

NATURAL COFFEE AT IT’S FINEST. Our Borbon Marta Rubi incorporates a diverse flavor palate and is highly recommended for anyone looking to add a creamy medium roast to their menu.

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1.300 Mts

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Flavors & Notes

Red fruits, green grape, white chocolate. Sweet taste of tommy mango and a hint of green apple. Residual flavor of semi-ripe mango. Medium body.


The Farm 

El Vergel

Our largest and and most mature microlot is full of a wide array of our coffee. El Vergel lays in the foothills of Colombia’s most notorious volcano, the Nevado Del Ruiz, otherwise known as Black Mountain.

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Want a sample?

If you would like to learn more about Borbon Marta Rubi or request a sample, shoot us an email or give us a call! We’d love to share with you what makes this green coffee so special.