Secure your spot on this exciting experience of our farm.

Experience Colombia in a new way – with fine hospitality, authentic food, and, of course, amazing coffee. Here’s what you can expect on your trip:

  • See the milling facility and how the coffee is prepped to ship to the states

  • See all five of our farms and microlots that are growing Geshas, Red Borbons, and Javas

  • See where coffee seeds become plants in the nursery

  • See where our coffee is washed and processed

  • See where our natural, washed, and honey coffee is dried

  • Stay in the hacienda on the farm

  • Eat authentic, Colombian meals prepared by the family on the farm

  • Do cuppings of current and recent crops

  • Explore Bogota for a day

  • Visit the town of El Fresno

  • Drink lots of coffee

  • Receive 1 free bag of our green coffee

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