We love every aspect of specialty GREEN coffee.

This love has been cultivated by our constant desire to produce the best green coffee in the world. We have devoted countless hours and resources to developing an exceptional level of quality that coffee roasters expect and deserve. To meet that demand we manage your coffee from the seed to your front door.

The most important part of this process — our farm.


FIVE farms.

Multiple Microlots.

We have 5 farms spanning 400 Hectacres ranging across varying altitudes each growing different coffees such as Geishas, Bourbons, or Caturras.


Our farm is located in the beautiful Departamente of Tolima spanning across the mountains in Colombia. Colombia boasts 11 different altitudes, each containing a unique flavor palate, that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

Our farm rests on El Vergel, or Black Mountain, an inactive volcano that has created some of the most nutrient rich soil for planting.

Each and every green coffee bean is single-origin, hand-picked, and carefully inspected by one of our tenured pickers. We go through great lengths to only produce the finest yields from our crops for coffee roasters around the world.



We start with the finest seeds for our coffee plants, paying special attention to their growth process through maturity. Starting right with quality means we do not have to add anything extra to ensure great flavors.



Every bean is hand-picked by one of our expert pickers. Several members of our farm staff has been with us for 20+ years.

Don Olivo - 20+ years

Don Olivo - 20+ years

Rigoberto Ruiz - 14 years

Rigoberto Ruiz - 14 years

Hernan Tangarife - 20+ years

Hernan Tangarife - 20+ years

Miguel Santos (Farm Manager) - 20+ years

Miguel Santos (Farm Manager) - 20+ years


Separating out the best coffee beans is an important process. That is why we do it multiple times to minimize any coffee that does not meet our standards.



Natural. Washed. HONEY.

We provide coffee roasters with a variety of processes to choose from giving you an exponential amount of flavors to add to your offering.


After the cherry has been picked we float it, a process that weeds out the good versus the bad beans by hand. All coffees are then brought to our milling facility for the appropriate process. We have three different processes:


We peel of the cherry and run it through through the mill. Once completed, we move it to fermentation, ranging from 20 to 40 hours.

We then use our secret sun-dried process to dry the beans and prepare them for the next phase.


The washing process is similar to the natural process; we peel of the cherry and run it through through the mill. We then wash the bean removing any leftover cherries and bad beans.

Fermentation times can range from 25-60 hours and are then seal dried.


Our honey process peels the cherry without using water. It is fermented with the honey on the bean and goes to drying.

Fermenting times can vary.



The fermenting process is vitally important to creating exceptional flavors.

We have experimented with several washed and honey aging techniques, steadily perfecting our craft, in order to find just the right amount for each of our specialty coffees. One part science, one part art, coffee fermenting requires expertise and a little pinch of flair to create the bold flavors coffee roasters are looking for.




This often overlooked part of the process it vitally important to make sure each bean is ready to be milled.



The final step before shipment is the milling process. Here we separate the last layer of husk from each of the beans measured by size and light. The last step is done by women who have been affected by the guerrilla wars. They perform the final separation by hand and get everything prepped for shipment.




Unlike several coffee brokers, we can trace each and every crop back to our farms. Once shipped from Colombia, we then properly store your coffee in our warehouse facilities here in the United States until it is time to be delivered to you. Isn’t that nice?